4. Soft Tissue Laser:  
One of the exciting developments in dentistry today is the soft tissue laser.  A laser is a technology that produces a powerful beam of light that can be used to affect and heal soft tissues in the body.  Using sophisticated and minimally invasive laser therapy, we can now treat many of our patients' oral health issues without the use of scalpel incisions.  The soft tissue laser also enables us to perform many procedures without the use of anesthesia.  In many instances, the soft tissue laser helps us perform procedures faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Other benefits of the soft tissue laser include less discomfort during and after the procedure, reduced swelling after treatment, faster healing, no bleeding from an incision, no sutures typically needed, and fewer post-treatment complications. 

5. In-office Tooth Whitening:  Spa-Dent
Effective whitening, in the least amount of time with virtually no sensitivity.

6. T.V. in each treatment room:

Patients can relax while having their dentistry done by watching T.V.

1. We are paperless:
We use electronic clinical charts, which is efficient and eco-friendly.

2. Digital X-rays:
A sensor that acts like a tiny camera is briefly placed in the mouth while x-ray is taken. This image is instantly saved and can be sent to a monitor mounted on each treatment chair, where patient and dentist can view them together. The advantages of digital radiography are:

a) 80-90% less radiation to patients  

b) Larger diagnostic images  

c) Image that can be modified or enhanced, so details can be viewed which are rarely visible otherwise.  

d) Faster diagnosis with less time chair side.  

e) Patients better understand their problems and understand their treatment.

3. Intra Oral Camera: 
It is a very small camera mounted on a pen-shaped instrument that allows us to view and capture clear and precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, in order for us to make accurate diagnoses. These digital images are captured instantly and sent to a monitor mounted on each treatment chair, where patient and dentist can view them together. As a result patients learn about their problem areas and better understand their treatment, which increases their comfort before and during a procedure.

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